Hassle-Free Website

Maximize your business' potential with no headaches! GOH will consult with you to design your site, purchase your domain name, host, publish, and get your site live for potential customers fast!


·       Just submit the type of content you would like on your site

·      You'll get anywhere from 1 to 5 pages included in your site according to need

·       You can either take over your new website or consult with GOH for updating your site's content over time according to need


As every circumstance is different, pricing will be negotiated to meet your specific needs.

Simple Website Design

GOH can design your website and deliver the files to you to use at your discretion.


·       A great option if you already have a host and/or domain name, and just need some help designing your new site.

·        Consult with GOH to determine your wants and needs for your new site. We'll either give you the new site on disc or help you transfer the files to your pc.


Geeks of Houston can provide other services at an additional charge.